honestlynina (bast07) wrote in hh_discuss,

housemate questions

as suggested from a recent post  I made in HH, heres the list of questions I've been sending to potential candidates for the room I'm renting out. Despite creepy person from that post, its actually gone quite well, and I have someone moving in this weekend.

Heres the idea from thenodrin:


I like your list of questions.

In fact, I think you should post them to the sister site at hh_discuss. That way we can answer them as a meme and we can find out if we would make appropriate roommates for each other.

I think it would be an interesting get-to-know-the-forum exercise.

Here are the questions I've been emailing people:

  1. whats a typical week for you like? (hours of going to bed, waking up, etc)
  2. are you a vegetarian/vegan? Will you require special areas to keep your food and special dishes for it?
  3. do you have any mental health issues? Do they require medication? Have you been in a mental institution/jail/prison?
  4. do you have transportation?
  5. How long do you anticipate living with us?
  6. Describe what you consider clean.
  7. How often do you have guests, how often do they stay?
  8. What would be your ideal living situation?
  9. how do you feel about animals? Describe a typical situation of you living with animals.
  10. are you a video game character? head of your own religion?
  11. do you smoke? Drink? Use drugs? If so, how often, and what.
  12. do you have your own transportation and employment?

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