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Ministry of Crappy Student Films

Hey. I'm not sure if this is allowed now that all the Sarah Saga posts have been taken down. But since this hardly refers to the realities of the Saga, and since the Mod posts about it still remain, I'm going to hope that it's okay to post this here. I remember a lot of people getting similar ideas, so I thought I'd share a bit.

I'm writing a screenplay. Based on a combination of the Sarah Saga and the infamous FF VII house. Furthermore, I've pitched the idea to a few friends in my college's Film Guild, and they're interested in actually possibly making the film (!). It would be crappy, no-budget student film with random kids as actors and the campus as the setting, but I would think that might add to the charm. The people I would be making this with would be pretty much the same ones who once made films called "Once Upon a Time in Japan (I-III)," "The Last Passion of Samurai Jesus" and "Foucault on a Plane." Not exactly Spielberg, but entertaining background noise whilst drinking.

Before anyone gets their panties in a knot, no, the movie would not be about "Sarah," or whoever you may think Sarah actually was. Nor will it feature "Jenova." There are legal issues there, and copyright issues, besides (hello, vidya games!). Instead, it's a fictionalized story of a freshman's college experience sharing a room with (and ultimately joining up with) two other girls who believe themselves to be anime characters.

The basic concept that we're working with right now involves three lead characters: a confused freshman, a charismatic "otakukin," and her lover/lackey. And instead of believing that they're characters from a real anime, I'm doing the Show Within a Show thing; I made up a simple Magical Girl anime called Crystal Spirit Guardian that the characters lives will revolve around.

I've only got about half of the script written thus far, but I've got the entire plot outlined. There's a scene based on the infamous Sarah Saga Soul Party, and a few few that reference in-character sex (again, inspired by the Saga). There's also some "darker" scenes where characters fight and drama ensues, inspired by the FF VII house stories.

The main conflict/plot however, involves the Crystal Spirit Guardian trio being forced to contend with their fellow dorm-mates, who don't necessarily appreciate the mounds of glitter that they trail everywhere. Their ultimate nemesis? The rowdy boys living in the dorm's basement, whom everyone refers to as "the basement bastards," or "b-tards" for short. (we thought it was genius, but maybe not. meh)

So, uh, if you guys miss reading the Sarah Saga, but don't miss all the drama, well, in six months or so, I might have a bright shiny streaming video for y'all based on a fictionalized version of the same concept. At the very least, I could probably post the screenplay somewhere when its completely done, or start posting it in installments or something.

If anyone was particularly inspired by the Saga or similar stories (Nekobe, etc) then hit me up and feed me some ideas. I know everyone liked teh Soul Party, at least. I'd be contacting Dragontigerclaw for imput, but his journal has vanished. Damn those lawsuit threats he was getting...
I can't seem to hit upon a proper title for the thing.
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