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Mary M.

Just moving the mod post from main comm over here

I think my post would be more appropriately placed here. Posted yesterday (I think?):

I am sadded it had to come so soon.

I have some stuff to say in light of recent brouhahas over a recent post. This post detailed some crazy shit in an awful living situation, blahblahblah. A bunch of people commented saying they don't believe it.

I would like to lay down some rules for this sort of thing.

1. I don't give a shit if you don't believe a post. If you actually think it's such bullshit that it's offending you, or something (???) you can send me an email and let me know what you'd like me to do about it. But if it's not hurting you, and if you don't believe it, then just fuck off, okay? Nobody's making you read it. If you think the OP has wasted your time posting bullshit, you're just wasting more of your (and the OP's and the mods') time posting comments saying you think the person is full of shit.

And besides which, there's kind of no nice way to say "You're full of shit" and I won't tolerate people being intentional cunts here, so just don't, okay? If you think it's so obviously bullshit that the OP is a troll, email me. If not, get the hell over it and go find something else to do with your life.

And if, like some of the commenters on the post I'm referring to, you have a big problem with how the OP classifies things (e.g. some people were shitty coz the OP was referring to a person as "lazy" or something, when the commenters believed the person in question was mentally ill) then you can email me to ask me to do something about it. If you choose not to email me and instead abuse the OP in comments, I'm probably not going to take you seriously.

2. To the OP and future posters like them: If you're going to make a post which involves a lot of stuff that people generally debate over, like abuse or mental disability (or mental disability-like behaviour) you really should be prepared for people to disagree with you. I'm tolerant of sensible debate but what I saw was not sensible debate. If people make troll-like, insulting, or abusive comments, or are just generally making trouble or causing drama, IGNORE THEM, for fuck's sake. Replying and trying to defend yourself just feeds the fire and causes moar drama. If you have a problem with comments on your post, email me so I can deal with it, do not feed the trolls.

Also, when making a post it's advisable not to make generalisations like "billions" if you don't want to be bitched at for by people who are pedantic about this sort of thing and have too much time on their hands. But if they do bitch at you, please do not reply trying to defend your obviously-false claim.

*sigh* It seems that drama-mongering or trolling/sockpuppet-happy communities are targeting this community now. I find it mind-blowing that these people have nothing better to do with their time than comment on people's posts just to say "YOU'RE FULL OF SHIT!" I have found numerous trollings hilarious, when they were targeting well-deserving asshats. But this community isn't even that lulzy. The dramaz must be running low on the internets or something...??

Oh well, internets will be internets and people like this do exist.

And here is my disclaimer:
I am not here to defend posters or create "safe-space". I am not here to accuse people of using offensive language, nor am I here to defend those people. I am not here to stifle free speech. I am not here for a power-trip. I do not necessarily agree with anything anyone posts here. And I do not necessarily agree with the comments people make on the posts.

What I AM here to do is to just try and keep this community running smoothly, to avoid internet dramaz as much as possible, and just keep it as a fun place to whine about horrible housemates. Yes, this means instigating a few boring rules, because whilst I might think that some people are whingers for getting easily offended, I still don't want my community to be the cause of angst or insult to anyone, whether I agree with them or not.

I made this community ages ago expecting maybe 10, 20 members. And thinking, wouldn't that be great. It had all of about 5-10 until it was spotlighted. Now it has 1870 members. My intent with the community remains the same: To create a fun place to bitch & rant about horrible housemates, and to say to the posters, "Hey! That sucks! You're not alone though!" or more frequently, just "EWWWWWWWW!" I'm just trying to keep the community a good one. No hidden agenda. I have a whole lot of life offline to keep me busy, so I just try to get stuff here dealt with efficiently. If you have a problem with it, email me, and if you still have a problem with it, go away and find another piece of internet to play. It's a big place.

My opinion on whether people are bullshitting or not is irrelevant: My opinion on how to run a community will, in fact, run the community. If you don't like how I'm doing it, feel free to leave, I really do not mind. 10 members will make me perfectly happy. :)

Respectfully, or perhaps not so much,


Oh and I would like to agree with one thing (well, agree with only one thing publicly) that was said on the drama community.

"It's for those grody housemates that come home drunk and barf in your underwear drawer, not sob stories."

Please take this into consideration when posting on HH. Thankyou.
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