Mary M. (mushroom_maiden) wrote in hh_discuss,
Mary M.

The other one of my mod posts (apology)

Just tidying up. my apology post, plus a little bit extra.

1. I want to apologise to anyone whom I insulted or offended earlier (i.e. when I told commenters on the previously-mentioned post to stop being bitches and cunts). My excuse goes like this, I had received an email from the OP notifying me of people calling her a liar in comments. Supposedly they were not even regular posters, or even members of the community. I was also shown that they came from a drama community and was directed to a post made about it in said community.

So by this time I was feeling a little cranky and "ohforfuckssake" about the fact that I had to deal with this crap in the first place. So that is Factor A. Factor B was that words like "cunt" and "bitchy" are part of my everyday language and I personally don't find them at all offensive. So I used them flippantly, not meaning any offense, but because I was pissed off because really this stuff shouldn't be happening (see previous mod post re: getting in contact with me if you have a problem with something somebody posts, rather than abusing them for it).

I just forgot to put my Mod Hat on before I commented, I suppose. Not much of an excuse but that's how it is.

So yeah, I made a mistake, I'm sorry. Would've been much better to word it more politely/professionally. Will try to remember to put Mod Hat on before performing modly duties in future.

2. I also apologise to the one person I banned without warning. It seemed to me that they were very specifically out to harass the OP and encouraging others to do so, and were also a member of the drama community, this is why I banned them. We had a conversation through private messaging and from what I remember the person in question remarked, when I told them they were welcome to leave if they didn't like the way I ran it, that they were not even a member of the community in the first place. Buggered'f I know why they even CARED that I banned them, then, but perhaps I should have given warning and I will try to do so in the future.


If I may take off my mod hat of attempted neutrality for a moment and speak as just another member of the community with an opinion, I would like to also say that I actually agreed with a lot (in fact most) of what the snarky commenters, and the people on sf and sf_drama were saying. However I (after I realised the mistake of my own ill-advised bitchiness towards them) had to attempt to remain netural, and tried to deal with the situation as just a mod. This meant that I became a target for them, as they complained that I was defending the OP, when all I was trying to do was deal with Problem A which had been handed to me (the bitchy comments which lilenth requested I do something about) and fix my mistake. If the commenters had come to me first complaining about lilenth's entry, then it probably would have been the other way round and I would've been accused of picking on lilenth. Such is life/the internets/being a mod.

I'm not trying to say anything by this, just observing. This is the first time I've moderated a community and I'm learning as I go. Some things about being a mod suck, but oh well. It doesn't worry me too much if people end up hating me, as I don't really have any LJ-based (or even internet-based) reputation to spoil, as I keep to myself and my group of RL friends mostly, and post in communities very rarely. All I want is to make HH a fun community to share amusing housemate stories. I'm sorry if you guys have had to put up with HH's "stretch marks" as someone cleverly put it, and my learning curve of moderation. Hopefully with each incident like this, the incidents will become much fewer and less frequent, and/or easier to deal with.
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