:) (jessica_leah) wrote in hh_discuss,

I think it's been mentioned before...

But may I respectfully request that there is a rule stating that people make up names for people rather than using letters/numbers? I know it sounds silly, but for some reason my brain has a harder time processing the latter than actual NAMES.

If the majority disagrees with me, that's okay, but I thought I'd throw it out there since I've seen a lot of those kinds of posts lately and they confuse me. :-/

Also, if people could break up wall-o-text whenever possible, that'd be great. It could just be that I have a crappy monitor but I often have to go back and reread several times with denser posts because I end up reading the same line over again or skip lines. I probably overcompensate by hitting the return key every 3 sentences, lol.

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