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I am pleased with the majority of members who expressed their disappointment that the Sarah Saga was taken down, but all in all accepted that it had happened, that the drama had moved elsewhere, and were willing to move the fuck on and get the fuck over it.


I just thought I would show you an anonymous comment posted on one of my previous posts about the saga, just in case there was anyone else thinking like the Anonymous commenter, so they can see my reply to the comment.

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So yeah. Just thought you might like to see that.

I have disabled commenting on past sarahsaga-related posts so I don't miss anything (and to avoid too much more drama). If you want to comment on this or anything else to do with the saga, my first suggestion is, is it REALLY important and relevant or can you put it behind you and get back to enjoying the rest of housematehorror? If the answer is no, my second suggestion is, do it here. Thanks :)


Sarah Saga

Just for everyone's notice, I believe DTC took the stories down because he was being harassed in emails by the poor girl who some of you nitwits thought it would be a good idea to claim was Sarah in some comments, when she was not (and if she was it would have been equally stupid)... and then Something Awful got a hold of it and are probably trolling her and whatever... and sf_drama and all sorts of random shit was hitting the proverbial fan. I don't blame DTC, though I am sad not to hear the end of the story, I am glad to see the end of the OMGDRAMA. I'm sure it will probably continue for a while over at such places as SA where they seriously have nothing better to do with their time. (I mean, laughing at whackjobs online can be fun, sure, but this wasn't even a particularly hugely interesting one...?) But anyway, that's the end of it here, so everyone move on please.

Ta much for your patience everyone, and remember, I don't want to see this shit happen again, k?


I'm So Glad She Moved - AGAIN

I posted forever ago about my sister-n-law who only paid $30/month. Then she ended up moving out because we asked her to pay rent! Well I was talking to the girl she moved in with (she has since moved again) She said my sister-n-law claims to have been paying us $150 a month! She barely paid that in 7 months. PLUS - we only asked her to pay $120 right before she moved out. Huh! I needed the entertainment anyhow.
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Smelly Dorm! Help!

Hi, my  name is Ariel and I'm new =)

Anyway, here's my problem.  My friend Maddy and I just moved into our new apartment style dorm at UCF in Orlando, FL (4 individual rooms sharing a living room and kitchen), and the 3 people who moved out left the living room and kitchen a mess!  The whole room smells bad, and the kitchen is filthy.  I am so annoyed!  I love to cook, but this kitchen is repulsive!  Maddy and I have tried to clean the place up the best we can, but it still smells bad!  How am I supposed to cook in such a gross kitchen?!

Do any of you have any ideas on how we can get the smell out?  We are on the 6th floor, and the windows don't open, so airing it out is out of the question.  

Please help!  We're desperate =(.

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Question about an entry I made a while back

Hi. I assumed this community was somewhere to discuss the housematehell community and questions regarding it.

I didn't really get a response before when I left comments and it's actually really hard to find where you posted when scrolling through friends pages.

Anyway, I posted regarding my horrid housemate a while back with a link to the journal I have that is dedicated to the housemate situation. It's not a personal journal and doesn't reveal any names and I posted it because it is impossible to fit it all inot one single entry.

There were some comments, but then all of a sudden my entry disappeared.

Just wanted to know why it disappeared. Was someone not happy about the post? I did put warnings about language etc and mentioned no names. So I want to know what I did wrong so I can repost.

Cheers and much love

Mrs SH

Sorry you guys!

Sorry you guys! I know the rules and all that and was hoping to get the ball rollin' over here, but I originally posted this to the main comm on accident. I'll do penance by photographing the bottom of the shower in my dorm at some point, k?
I am of the opinion that everyone should suspend searching for Sarah in public, ie, stop posting links and wondering out loud. If folks want to keep looking out of morbid curiosity and privately discuss it with eachother, then that seems fine to me. I really don't so the point of publicly connecting these stories to a particular person, though, of course, we are all curious.

Instead, has anyone thought of discussing the meaning behind these stories? They may or may not be true. Assuming they are, however, what can we learn from them and from other people's reactions to them?

  • What would you have done differently if you ended up living with Sarah? Do you think things could have turned out better for her and her housemates than they did?
  • Do you think the other housemates were intolerant of Sarah's beliefs, or were their concerns about them justified? How would you respond to someone with similar  beliefs who wasn't living with you?
  • Many have conjectured that Sarah is mentally ill in some way. What disorder(s) do you think account for her behavior? Do they excuse or explain her behavior, or not?
  • Supposing that Sarah was, indeed, mentally ill, do you think that her beliefs were a manifestation of this illness, or separate from it? Do unusual beliefs necessitate mental illness?